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Katie in her utmost joy- leading one of her songs at a house concert

Katie in her utmost joy- leading one of her songs at a house concert

Katie leading songs at Singing Alive 2018

Katie leading songs at Singing Alive 2018

 Katie loves  to lead groups in  song. She writes lyrics meant to remind us of simple truths. In Eugene, she leads "The Chorus For Us", an ever-evolving singing group inspired by the healing power of singing. Her song circles are casual, welcoming,  and fun, where people connect with each other and the songs.  She is a graduate of  the Ubuntu Network's Community Choir Leadership Training as well as Lisa Littlebird's Flight School.  Katie's songs have  been sung in Community Choirs in Hawaii, Victoria BC, Denver CO, and Big Sur, CA  among other places

Below, is a list of Katie's original songs meant to be sung together. They are posted here to help you learn  them,  sing them,  teach them and spread    them. If you  are intending on using these songs to make money, or would like Katie to lead songs at your event, please contact Katie.There are sheet music and chord charts available for purchase on this website.  

If these songs have touched you, please consider  "tipping" Katie  and purchasing her albums. To be one of Katie's ultimate songwriting supporters, please consider becoming a patreon member where she releases new songs 2x per month.

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Songs to Sing Together

Click on each song to see the origin story, teaching notes, individual parts and the option to buy charts/music - Don't hesitate to contact me with comments or questions!

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