Into the Unknown

Origin:   This song was written pretty deep into my pregnancy - when the fear of birthing was bubbling up. Simultaneously, a dear friend of  mine  was going through some major health issues and was experience their fear around surgery and things such as this. While driving home after spending time with them, this song began. It was a song meant to be sung to them and also to the child living inside of me. I have found that it applies in so many other situations as well. Beginning my singing group after the covid lockdowns, I found my self wanting us to sing this, to remind ourselves of our courage of beginning again and not knowing what will happen.

Teaching notes: I have found this is surprisingly easy to teach. I begin with "here we go into the unknown" and add the "I walk with you" part. Once the parts are all in place, I like to have everyone walk around. I tend to use my guitar with this one. The chord pattern is simple, but there are 2 cycles  and they are just slightly different for the last chord.