KT & The Love Notes

Transcendental Folk

KT & The Love Notes play beautiful music. Described as "transcendental indie folk", the Love Notes create a musical landscape that is uplifting, nurturing and meaningful. Katie's songs range from lighthearted and silly to deep and vulnerable, and always leave you feeling better than when you came. The Love Notes are most often a trio, with Jon Brex on upright bass, Katie on vocals and guitar and a rotating soloist. Violinists James Anderson and Julia Frantz of the Eugene Symphony and mandolinist C. Todd Robbins are amoung the incredible musicians that play in the Love Notes. We are a versitile group. Although we specialize in our original style, we are able to meet your needs. Whether it be a special holiday set for your private event, a crowded bar, a sweet house concert, or a rockin' festival, we are excited to provide entertainment for your venue. 


For more info on Katie's songwriting check out her bio:

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Sontag’s music seeks to move listeners to examine the deepest part of themselves” - Matthew Denis

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