Hold Me

Origin: This song originally came while nursing a broken heart, and watching the trees go by on a walk on the East Coast visiting my family.  I tucked it away for several months, and then came upon it again on the eve of Singing Alive 2019. I recovered the parts, and they morphed into the current version of this song. It is a song about gratitude, friendship, love and recovering. 

Teaching Notes: This is not an easy song to teach! Particularly, the two "I see" parts. They do a duet together, and it is difficult to teach one without the other. I find the "thank you for holding me-" is really the core of the song. If all else fails, stay here. Harmonize with this part. It can even be a round (see the video of me leading this on this page). You can even invite people into the middle, which has happened organically for me several times. Particularly those you want to honor (elders, leaders or someone needing love). This song  has power.  Keeping the rhythm helps if you want to get all the parts locked in.


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    Hold Me

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