We Are Alive/Wake Up and Sing

Origin: This song first came as the "wake up and sing" part - when I was waking up one morning after attending a song circle the night before.  The "we are alive" part came next . It is an ode to simply being alive and being grateful for it.  I also must admit the "singing ourselves a live" piece must have been a  bow to my amazing experiences at Singing Alive, and the concept of singing ourselves alive (which also exists in other oral traditions songs...) I fully resonate with (literally). 

Teaching notes: the "wake up and sing" portion is much simpler and easier to teach. The "wake up and sing" portion has strange phrasing, making call and response a bit more difficult. However, I find people love it. Especially if you have curious, excited singers - they will stick with you and once they get it, they will jam out to it with joy! Note: although I have harmonies here, I have never taught the harmonies. If you do - please tell me how it goes!


Below is a video of the Portland Peace Choir singing this song.