Grow Babies Grow

Origin:  This song came while I was gardening at the beginning of the pandemic.   I got very very into my garden that season!  Particularly, starting seeds. The other parts just flowed naturally. It was so so fun to create!

Teaching notes: I  LOVE to teach this song!! The "grow babies grow" part is just so much fun , always a great place to return to. I was surprised by the chords when I figured out what they were - they are a major I then a minor i - so it's the same chord, just major then minor (flating the 3rd). So when you layer the "grow babies grow" parts, point that out to everyone. I also really enjoy adding in the grow--- grow---- grow--- grow--- section. I use my guitar to emphasize to just release and sing your heart out! It's a descending chord progression with layered harmonies. It's suprisingly easy to teach.


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    Grow Babies Grow

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