Same Source

Origin: This song was one of the only times I feel like something was written through me. Particularly the chorus. This song flowed out of me partially in Oregon and partially in Big Sur, taking time by the ocean. I feel so grateful this song has chosen me as its steward. So many people resonate with this song. I have been asked to sing this at interfaith services, at Unity of the Valley church and at several memorial services. It seems this song brings a soothing balm to the challenges of life, and reminds us of the all encompassing power of love.

Teaching notes: I wrote the chorus with the repeat because this song was always meant to be sung together. I find that people tend to just join in on the "rest inside your/my/our love" part without prompting, and sometimes I cue them with those words since they change slightly. I also have found that cueing with the words on the chorus can also be helpful. If it feels like too much, repeating "your love and our love come from the same source" at the end of the song is always a winner. I really like to go acapella on the last few times. It helps fill the room with a magical and contemplative atmosphere.


Below is a video of Same Source from Unity of the Valley's Connecting from the Heart series

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