Everything Sucks But I Love you

Origin: This song really doesn't have a super special origin story. I bought a patch from Bread & Puppet (incredible theater troupe based in Vermont) when I was visiting their lands. It says, Everything Sucks, But I Love You. In the midst of covid winter #2 (2020), post election (I had been in Maine working on the Senate race there) , the Hult Center put out a call for their second stay at home talent show. I decided to use the opportunity to create something. Thus, this song was born.

Teaching notes: I have only taught this to a small group of friends. It's important to recognize the space between the loops, which is heard through the ascending bass line on the guitar. Some people don't like to sing anything that isn't fully positive, so I have been a bit afraid to bring this to my circles. However, it is meant to acknowledge the reality that, in many ways, everything DOES suckĀ  and the fact that we still love each other - well, that's something to celebrate!!